Chances are excellent that regardless of how many homes you have purchased, you have not had a better realtor than Alicia Lammersdorf. We worked with her in Delray Beach, FL during the spring and summer of 2012 on the purchase of our 8th house. Description: hugely knowledgeable about the market and the ins and outs of negotiating, inspecting, financing, short sales, foreclosures, and the myriad other details of real estate transactions. A graciously direct guide, she is efficient beyond precision and an astute listener. Extremely honest, she tells you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. She has excellent resources among legal, finance and home inspection professionals. She also manages properties for absent owners. Overlaying all of her expertise is her pleasant and funny personality that enables her to work well with buyers, sellers and other realtors.
Cathie and Ken Bridwell
Buyers Delray Beach 2012

To Whom it may concern
 Is anyone looking for a realtor? But no, not just anyone - THE BEST and most FANTASTIC realtor in town?
We moved from overseas from the UK and we were just looking for the magical home when we met Alicia. Diligently Alicia went out of her way to get the know our family, to understand what makes us tick as a family unit AND individually what is important to each member of our family. It was not easy as three people with a lot of voice were pulling into different directions. 
 Alicia showed us many homes, some of them she searched/found, others - we thought -  we found ourselves. Usually the self found properties Alicia had already known about, however thought (rightly) that they would not match our needs - and each time she was spot on. She was very intuitive and very clear in her assessment of each house. And then - Alicia showed us THE house. It was slightly over budget but Alicia thought that clever negotiations would overcome this problem.
Very hard work and a few properties later, ironing out loads of challenges and obstacles, Alicia made it possible for us to purchase our dream home. We are now settled, feel in 7th heaven and know we made the right choice. Not a day goes past when we think - we are so lucky and happy in our home.
Now to Alicia herself: She has the patient of a SAINT, if you have ever met anyone who works hard - Alicia will work harder, she understands the housing market, development of areas and properties, is spot on in her number assessment and negotiation skills, knows anyone and everyone, is able to manoeuvre around difficult stakeholders (whether sellers, brokers, real estate office personnel, lawyers, title companies, inspectors, mortgage companies and insurance), Alicia really goes the extra miles to get to know her clients in order to truly understand what will and will not work. Alicia has worked and lived in many countries and therefore has insight and comparisons on many cultural levels. Nothing is too much effort or trouble for her and she was always available on a very short notice. 
Back home we have a saying: Who would you call at 2 am when in trouble? Well, we would call Alicia as we would know that she will always help, no matter what the issue is.
 Anyone wishing to call me for a further reference? Call me, I would be delight to sing her praises.
Natascha Clark
Buyer/ Palm Beach/UK to Palm Beach
VP Business Development /HCR Group UK & USA +1 561 429 5480


I am delighted and honored to write a letter of recommendation for Alicia Lammersdorf, the best realtor ever!! My recommendation is based on a profoundly difficult moment in my life when I had to make the decision to sell my apartment/home I loved. Faced with the downturn in the economy, and taking into consideration the fact that my property was severely undervalued, and recognizing the fact that the bank that held my mortgage failed to work out details for a mortgage reduction, it was wasteful for me to remain in my lovely apartment/home. A friend highly recommended Ms. Lammersdorf. With hesitation I called to meet this beautiful, bi-lingual, sensitive and caring professional. Immediately she was attentive and responded with clarity and offered guidance instantly. She asked me to go to her site and read a SHORT SALE DOCUMENT that explained every detail necessary. But it was not only her precision and her rapid responses, but her warmth, her understanding of my state of my mind, her attentiveness, professionalism and care that thoroughly impressed me. Ms. Lammersdorf was aware how anxious, concerned and nervous I was about selling my apartment/home. It was the first time I was going to sell. She managed each step, always consulting me and informing me every step of the way. If it was necessary, she came to visit and sat with me during tense and anxious times for me. She answered every question responsibly and accurately. She reassured me and informed me that I would be the one to make the decision. She was impressively aware of my situation and professionally well informed of all the steps I had to take. She was cooperative and conscious of every time a buyer would come to see the apartment, and with her extraordinary skills she found the best buyer, and this difficult transaction was completed in less than three months! Alicia Lammersdorf is indeed an expert professional in her field.
I am deeply impressed with her skills as a realtor and as a human being. I am blessed that she was my realtor and she will always be the one I will consult when I purchase a home again. I recommend her highly.
Ruth E. Sanchez
Seller/Delray Beach 

"Dear Alicia;
I would like to take this moment to personally thank you for both your outstanding professional assistance and genuine warmth and care in helping me successfully purchase a condo within Delray Beach.
As an Australian citizen, totally unfamiliar with the purchasing process within Florida and the USA, I am indebted to you for your genuine transparency and absolute honesty in guiding me successfully through the key steps (and thus avoiding potential pitfalls) involved in enabling a worthwhile condo purchase.
I am so delighted with your ongoing hard work and fantastic help that I will now continue to liaise with you on potential future purchases and; furthermore, I will be utilizing your assistance to manage existing and future properties in respect of rentals.
Alicia, you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and I wish you all the best success into the future. You are a credit to your industry and a truly excellent real Estate agent.  Kindest Regards
Darryl Mather
Sydney Australia to Delray Beach

 With three adult children now enjoying their own careers and families, and with our own careers moving quickly to closure, my wife and I recently contemplated the next phase in our own lives. We have been fortunate to have lived in and enjoyed a number of cities (including both coasts) during the course of our work lives. Both of us, however, agreed that the ideal setting for us would include the ability to continue to experience the high energy and cultural ferment of New York combined with the lower key, more relaxed atmosphere of living in warm weather by the ocean for most of the year. Since we have a small apartment in New York, we began our search this year in Florida. More specifically, we had heard great things about the
Delray Beach area and decided to take a closer look. After doing a bit of research on both the market and the realtors in the area, we ultimately contacted Alicia Lammersdorf at Illustrated Properties in Delray Beach to take the next step. Alicia turned out to be the total answer for us in terms of finding exactly what would fit our needs completely. Since we had lived in a number of houses, we could describe just what we wanted for living space and what type of environment we needed to make our plans work. Alicia honed in immediately on a number of candidate properties that would address our needs perfectly. After a few conversations by phone and email, we were able to work incredibly efficiently and within the course of a single weekend, she took us to several candidate properties that were all within the scope of the ideas that we had bounced back and forth
in our conversations. Ultimately, we opted for a wonderful three bedroom townhouse with a tremendous view right off the intercoastal in a gated community. The layout inside was exactly what we wanted and
the location in a great and secure community will allow us to move easily between our NY apartment and our relaxed, warm and re- energizing Florida home. Alicia was a fantastic resource for us every step of the way and continues to help as our transition moves ahead. Her knowledge of the area, of the properties, of the amenities and of the culture was all invaluable parts of the formula for success in our "new plan". We sincerely appreciated her expertise; her warmth and her help every step of the way.
August & Isabel Salvado
Buyer/New York to Delray Beach

Words cannot describe what a fantastic person Alicia is !!! She knew exactly what I was looking for, but she found me a home that was beyond my expectations !!She negotiated a wonderful price !!
  Since I had to return to NYC after 2days of sighting the contract, Alicia took care of all the details ! She hired and supervised any work that had to be done in the house!!She also went to closing for me, so that I didn't have to return to my new home until all was taken care of !! Today I am in my new home, and thanks to Alicia, I am enjoying every moment here !  I truly feel that there is no other agent like her !!   
Bernice Newborn
Buyer/New York to Delray Beach , Florida

We learned about Alicia through the recommendation of another Realtor. You never know how referrals work out because people often refer their friends or simply return favors. In this case, it was the best referral we were ever given. Alicia turned out to be the best Realtor we have ever worked with and did a complete job in every aspect of the purchase of my home.
Because of our situation, we were trying to sell a home before actually buying. Yet, we needed to investigate where we would move after we eventually sold. We worked with Alicia for over a year before she could really start seriously looking for a residence to live in. During that year, she investigated locations, took us on tours and showed us properties, knowing we were not ready to buy. That didn't stop her one bit from taking the time and effort to help us. She went above and beyond, never really knowing when or whether we would actually buy.
When we were finally ready to buy, Alicia showed the same perseverance and enthusiasm in finding our new home. But, as we indicated, she always goes the extra mile. Because we live in the Midwest and couldn't always travel to Florida, Alicia handled our inspections, walk-thru’ s, and even did our closing. She handled everything perfectly.
Bottom line is for the past year we have dealt with the best Realtor ever. She has even become more than that, she has also become a good friend.
Alicia, thanks for everything!
 Carl and Darlene Tominberg
Buyer/Chicago to Boca Raton

"'Simply the very best!!!' Cannot say it more simply and honestly! Without the help, extreme professionalism and expertise of Alicia’s, I honestly feel that this short sale would not have been possible. A short sale can be extremely stressful but Alicia worked tirelessly to meet every guideline and deadline the bank laid out before her. No matter what time of the day (or night) it was, Alicia was always there to do her best to help me dealing with the bank and with a very difficult HOA. Alicia’s professionalism is testimonial to the great service that she provides to all her clients; it is almost contagious to the point that she was not only my Realtor but she became one of my very good friends. I can say without any reservations that if you want very knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and courteous and ever friendly service, Alicia is your prime (and only) choice! Nothing short of 'simply the very best'!!!"
Monica Blower
Buyer/Colombia to Margate 2014

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Alicia Lammersdorf . She is a hard worker, and she really took the time to understand what I was looking for in a home. She was incredibly patient and kept at it until I found the right home. I am a first time homebuyer, and new to the Florida. Alicia taught me each step patiently. When I had some questions and called her, she always explained to me again and again. When she was really busy, she called me back ASAP. I am happy to have her for my realtor and she will always be the one I will consult when I sell or purchase a home. Thank you Alicia for all of your help and professionalism!
Esther Zhang
Buyer/China to Boynton Beach 2013

Dear Alicia, It was a pleasure working with you in finding our home. We want thank you for your patience and determination and for truly understanding what we were looking for. We appreciate your warm and beautiful personality through this journey. We would recommend you without hesitation to our family and friends as you have also become one of them. Please stay in touch. Sincerely,  
Sunny and Komal Sharma
Orlando to Boca Raton

As I write this, it is early Friday morning June, 1st, 2012 and after a restful night’s sleep, I am walking around my new oasis in Delray Beach, sipping my morning coffee and making plans. I moved in right after the closing yesterday afternoon and although all I have at the moment is a bed, a coffee press and a toaster, I am smiling because my place is perfect and I am HOME. Alicia’s hard work on my behalf made it all happen. She is professional, knowledgeable and a skillful negotiator. Thank you Alicia, job well done!
Mark Donohue
Buyer/Boston to Delray Beach/2012

My Dad and I wanted to thank you for the way you handled the selling of his condo in Delray Beach.
Even thought this was done long distance (telephone and E-Mails) everything was done quickly and
without any hassle.  You are very pleasant to work with.  When you wanted something done you explained to me what I needed to do on my end, then you moved on it in Florida. When the buyers wanted to close early, you pushed the title company to get it done. If anyone would ask me for a realtor in Florida I will not hesitate to give them you name. Thanks again
Steve Koleszar/Cheryl Mariotto
Seller/Delray Beach/ 2013

No one could have been luckier than me to meet Alicia and have this person as my agent. I also value her as a true friend. Because of illness this was a very difficult process for me to go through.  Her warmth caring and understanding as well as her outstanding skills as a realtor made this process so much easier for me. Nor did it hurt that she told for the highest price on record for this model. And this was after being told by a variety of agents and "experts" that the final selling was not attainable at this time.
I'm convinced that no one could possibly regret using Alicia as their agent and gaining a true friend.
Bob Kaplan
Seller/Boynton Beach/ 2014.

"I can always count on Alicia, professionally and personally. She is a shrewd negotiator who knows her business and her market. Her short sale experience is invaluable. One of the remarkable things about her is the relationships she nurtures with her clients. Time after time, I've met her clients who talk about her like she's family, there really is a bond there. That speaks volumes. She treats her clients and colleagues as she herself likes to be treated with honesty, integrity, and a great sense of humor. I feel lucky to have met her and recommend her with the utmost confidence."
Susan Anderson
Universal Land Title/2011

Alicia, By the way, you are a great realtor who takes such an active part in the closing process.  The majority of realtors do not meet your standard of service that you give to your clients.  As a real estate paralegal having been involved in many closings, and having worked with many realtors, I needed to take a minute to let you know how much I respect the way you work for your clients.   You are a pleasure to work with!
Sue Sanford
Paralegal 2014

My family and I are so grateful to you for all of your hard work, patience and encouragement as you guided my brother through the process of selling his condo. Since my brother is not in good health, he was not able to present his property in the best light.  Additionally, we don't live in Florida so it was reassuring to know that you were always there giving him advice, enduring many telephone conversations with him and me, and making numerous trips to his property.  Your enthusiasm and positive attitude helped him get through this very difficult time in his life.  In the end you negotiated a sale that met his needs and probably the buyer's as well.  My brother could not have been more pleased with the result and neither could I.
Dick Kaplan
Seller/Boynton Beach 2014

Thank YOU again for the great experience we had in purchasing real estate from YOU. We have worked with many realtors in the past, and have never had any to be organized as you, or as upbeat as you always were. Especially under the pressure of losing a close family member. You also always tried to meet your customers wishes. Thank you again for the great experience, and hope to keep you as a great friend. Thank you again, wishing you great success in in your future.
Dennis & Yolanda Moyer
Buyer/Delray Beach/2013

"Dear Alicia,
What a stroke of luck to have had you as our agent during such a stressful time.
Selling my mom's condo, dealing with all the paper work, etc, etc.
It all seemed a bit overwhelming, but you calmly and professionally helped us through the process.
Your sympathy, knowledge and constant good cheer, saved the day.
Thank you again from me and my entire family.
Joan Weiss
Seller/Highland Beach

"Alicia Lammersdorf stands head and shoulders above other real estate professionals. She offers her clients a rare combination of integrity, knowledge and flair. I was impressed with her thoroughness and focus from the moment I met her. Then I was awed by her creativity, problem solving and sensitivity. She takes the time to listen carefully to customers in order to gather information. And, unlike some real estate professionals, Alicia treats each client’s needs as unique and strives to achieve their distinct goals. I didn’t feel as if I was one of many. My concerns and worries - no matter how small - were addressed immediately and I was offered solid solutions in a timely manner. It was refreshing. It was comforting. And I know her efforts yielded better results for me and my family. Beyond the purchase or sale of a home, Alicia understands that she is guiding families to take part in what is often the most important business transaction of their lives. Schools, shopping, neighbors, parks - she knows property does not exist in a vacuum. Alicia is always ready to provide sound advice and the benefit of her deep experience in the home sellers’ and home buyers’ markets. I believe she views her role as that of an advocate and a clarifier. I felt better informed and understood the financial impact of the decisions I was making. Alicia is one of a kind … that rare professional who still believes that every client deserves customized service, relentless attention, unimpeachable honesty and enduring respect."
Sal Ivone

When I decided to make a cross country move, with my family of seven, it was my first out of state endeavor. I did not know who to trust, and really did not understand the demographics, or the social culture of my destination. Alicia filled in the answers to my query, and to my concerns. She was very prepared for our showings with a plethora of information on the properties that we were seeing (plus alternative options). She also had a great awareness of the geography, social aspects, and cultural make-up of the homes within her business market. She took a personal approach (As she does with all her clients) to understanding my family’s needs, desires and wants; comparing them to the appropriate demographics, and making the transition as seamless as possible.
Before meeting Alicia, on her website; many realtors online within the Florida area, sought my business; however; the level of seediness, fast wheeler’s, and dealers that ensued from my online search was prolific. This caused me to hesitate before pursing my goal. Until, I spoke with Alicia, she was a breath of fresh air, and a relief. The rapport, credibility, and trust established from the onset were immediate; yet, it is continued to be substantiated through time.
Finding Alicia Lammersdorf with Illustrated Properties online was a complete blessing. Alicia is the only realtor I have ever met who has embraced business morality, and ethical principles completely within her business.
Her motivation is to educate, as well as, address the needs of her clients which are a rare commodity in today’s society. Especially, if one considers the financial struggles our economy is facing presently. She places her client’s interest first, and her own interest on the back burner to ensure that her client’s needs, and desires are fulfilled.
If I were rating a movie, I would give Alicia two thumbs up. Alicia is a diamond in a ruff. She is not only principled, client focused, and ethical. She is also efficient, proficient, and a forward thinker within her industry. She has the unique ability to understand, and connect with her clients’ needs bringing the phrase,” A Client Centered, Personable Approach”, to life, to reality.
Buyer in Boca Raton

Now that I've had a chance to catch my breath, get settled into my new place and gotten through half of the Holidays, I need to take the time to Thank You.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the trouble you went through to walk me through all the paperwork for the Short Sale. You made sure that I understood everything any why they needed so much information. You dealt with Bank of America for me, which in itself lowered my stress level by leaps and bounds!
You found me a wonderful couple to buy the condo and they offered the Bank a very fair price. Once, the Bank accepted the offer I started to breathe again. The closing was well run and went smoothly. Illustrated Properties and you have made my life so much easier. I will recommend you and Illustrated Properties to anyone I know who either wants to buy a home or sell their property.
Thank you again. Sincerely,
Deborah J Wade
Seller/Delray Beach 2012

Alicia really took the time to understand what I was looking for in a home, and ultimately found my family the perfect fit. She was incredibly patient and kept at it until we found the right home. Her patience also extended to my two young girls who accompanied me on most of the showings!
Her contract negotiation skills are wonderful, and she does her homework on the neighborhood comps to make sure the houses are priced correctly. It was really helpful to have the comparison report that she provided before making an offer. On top of all that, she has an eye for aesthetics and had great suggestions on fixing issues that I found with houses. We are forever grateful for help in finding our new home, and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.
Amanda Nickeson
Buyer/Miami to Boca Raton /2010

When comes to purchasing your dream home, nothing’s more important than having someone knowledgeable on your side to help with such a complicated process. I am very grateful for Alicia Lammersdorf. She is a very professional, kind, assertive and a resourceful individual with a wealth of information. From day one, helping me search for items on my must have list for my first home, she was very present in every step, smoothing out the confusion and easing my nerve when things seemed overwhelming. It is very refreshing to come across someone who has a passion for their profession and very effective in seeing the process through. I cannot begin to thank Alicia enough for the many advice and knowledge shared. The beginning of a lasting relationship, there is no one else I would turn to for my real estate need.
A very thankful homeowner,
Marline Lovanice
Buyer/Boynton Beach

"Alicia fully understands client's needs and truly knows the market. Seldom do you find an agent who is honest, extremely conscientious, and driven to succeed while at the same token does not compromise her client's needs to achieve her own. Alicia is excellent at listening to what her clients need and brings her expert knowledge of the South Florida area and market to the client to get results. She is of the highest integrity and enjoyable to search properties with as well.
I can honestly say that she is one of the most hardworking and dedicated Real Estate agents I have ever worked with. I recommend Alicia without reservation as your next Realtor in South Florida."
Ana Cordova
Buyer/Boca Raton, FL

Dear Alicia,
I am writing to express our sincere gratitude for the work you've done in our behalf. We couldn't imagine a more professional, concerned and dedicated person than you. 
This is the second real estate deal you've completed and probably the most important to us. There were so many complications from a bankrupt owner to a bank that imploded.  After 4 months, it seemed as though this never was going to happen. How would we have lasted without your continuous encouragement? Clearly, knowing you were in our corner bolstered our spirits and kept us in the game as you dealt with lawyers, brokers and others who were behind the scenes.
Now having just closed on the property this week, we are still walking on air, pinching ourselves that this really happened. And as long distance homeowners, your tireless efforts in our behalf never end. Just knowing that the locks were changed and you have put a lockbox there for some of the trades, makes us rest at ease knowing that the right people will gain access.
There really is no way we can thank you for all your support and concern except to inundate you with our friends who want properties in Florida, and there are many as you know. It will be our ongoing mission to keep you busy with clients and better yet, profitable in sales.
Your forever grateful clients and dear friends (and prospective innkeepers of The Hartman House, Delray Beach, FL),
Benita and Jordan Goldstein
Buyers/New York to Delray Beach, FL

Dear Alicia,
Bill and I want to thank you for helping us find EXACTLY what we were looking for in Delray Beach. Doing this long distance was a challenge, and each time I flew down you made sure that I saw every possible home that fit our criteria. You always accommodated my schedule and it was always such a pleasure to spend time with you. Your upbeat personality, great knowledge of the area and true desire to make your clients happy are tremendous assets .Despite the challenges we ended up with a second home that we will enjoy for years to come. Looking forward to dinner during our next visit and to working with you again to find our next place!
Warmest regards,
Nadine & Bill Thomas
Buyers/New York to Delray Beach, FL

Alicia was more than a real estate agent. She was an angel in disguise. She sold my sister's apartment in the worst of times. It needed all sorts of work before it was ready to be viewed and she hired the people and supervised them, I live in New Jersey and could not visit Florida. Alicia took care of everything dealing with all the minutiae that ordinarily I would have had to do. I can't praise her enough and I hope she continues to be as successful and helpful as she is.
Ruth Winter
MS/Seller/Highland Beach, FL.

I can highly recommend Alicia Lammersdorf for all those interested in buying or selling real estate in the Florida market.  As a former client I can testify to her capability, honesty and knowledge.  She works hard to satisfy all your real estate requirements.
Michelle Robertson
Buyer/Delray Beach

It was a pleasure having you represent us in our recent purchase of 321 Flamingo Lane. Your professionalism and work ethic was exemplary.
You impressed the both of us with your knowledge of the business and meticulous follow up to every detail. You made yourself available to quickly answer all phone calls and e-mails and your presence at the closing showed us that you cared. We won't hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends and acquaintances that are looking for a great realtor.
Thanks again,
Joe and Ann Marie Dentino
Buyer/Delray Beach


Alicia is one of the most patient, hard-working realtors I have ever met. She does in-depth research and shares her wealth of experience and the results of her research with clients in a super-organized way that my wife and I found very helpful. We are new to the Florida real estate market, considering a move from New York, and we needed a lot of background, history, info about neighborhoods, types of houses, current marketplace, and much much more. Alicia gave it all to us in a neat package and patiently showed us a multitude of houses based upon a series of searches that got more refined as we learned. FABULOUS! I recommend Alicia to anyone looking to buy in the Boca Raton, Palm Beach County area, in Miami or anywhere in between."
Year first hired: 2008
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

We want to Thank you so much for all your hard work and never giving up on us. I know our situation was almost hopeless – but you stuck in there even when the market was not our friend. We were going through a horrible situation in our personal life and you were our only hope. There were other realtors that we had consulted, but they wanted a quick pay situation. I know with you even through the end, that is was not so much about the money, but taking care of us and selling our home. We appreciate all the red tape that you went through to make this sell take place. My husband and I are very thankful for all your efforts and most of all for selling our home and keeping us updated and finding qualified buyers through your endless connections. We have no problem referring you to anyone who is looking for a very professional and friendly realtor. You are the Best!!!
Thank you for your generous attention and help. Our home was SOLD by Alicia Lammersdorf.
The Kramer’s
Sellers/Delray Beach to Virginia

Jordan and I want to thank you for your tireless efforts on our behalf. The place you enabled us to buy against much adversity in this murky market was nothing short of miraculous. We not only appreciate you in business, but are also proud to regard you as a dear friend. As we continue to seek additional properties, we know that we are in the best hands imaginable. With love and admiration, 
Jordan and Benita Goldstein
Second time Buyers/Delray Beach

 Look, here’s the bottom line - I live in Atl and I needed someone I could trust in South Florida. And believe me, I have been through a number of people I couldn't. But Alicia came along and just the confidence and the results I have gotten from her has been more comforting and forward moving that I could have believed. On top of that, she is very prompt to respond when I email or leave messages. She doesn’t always have the answers but she lets me me she will get the answer. And she does!!! What more can you ask? I am very grateful that she is working with me
Frank Hansen
Seller/Boynton Beach, FL

 Alicia is a very personable individual that I have no problem recommending. She assisted us with the leasing of a house in 1 WEEKEND! As a corporate move we needed to get a house in Boca Raton, FL and fast! We could have never done it without her. She was a real pro and has continued to assist us after the sale as well. I have no problem recommending her to you as a person of high integrity and as an expert in her field.”
Brandon Roberts
Tenant/Boca Raton, FL

 "Alicia came highly recommended. She is an excellent Realtor and a great person and thanks to her my husband and I are looking forward to a better life in Florida. I have been recommending her to all my friends who are ready to retired and to others as well.
Emerita Finger and Erasto Rolon
Buyers/New York to Delray Beach, FL

"I am a real estate attorney with almost 30 years of experience with an office in Boca Raton, Florida. I have known Alicia Lammersdorf for about 15 years and am pleased to have worked with her in the real estate field for the last several years. I am extremely impressed with Alicia's work ethic and tireless work on behalf of her customers. She understands in this very difficult real estate market that a transaction will not occur on its own but rather only through hard work and diligence on her part will a deal finally come together and close. Alicia does not take "no" for an answer...she will work a deal continuously until she can find the person to say "yes" and bring the transaction to a successful conclusion. In addition to her work ethic, I have found Alicia to be highly moral and honest in her business dealings. She works solely in the best interest of her customers, sometimes at the expense of what would be her best interest. Her personal integrity is without peer. Not only is Alicia unique in her professionalism and business acumen, but she also has unique personal qualities which assist her with foreign nationals who seek to make investments in the Florida real estate market. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. She has lived and has been educated in other countries and is thus familiar with different cultures and nationalities. This enables her to assist customers who may not be familiar with Florida real estate procedures as they may differ from procedures in their home countries. Like all realtors Alicia can assist her customers in the sale or purchase of single family residences and condominiums, but she also has extensive experience in short sale transactions and transaction dealing with distressed properties. I would highly recommend Alicia to anyone seeking honest and reliable representation from a real estate agent with no reservations whatsoever."
Attorney James Reyer
Boca Raton

Alicia was a pleasure to work with and we can give her our highest recommendation. 
She is very patient, knowledgeable, and honest.  She also has a great personality. 
She is fun and warm, yet always professional. 
After an extensive search and as we were giving up hope, we found a dream house at the right price.  Alicia is also a skillful and thoughtful negotiator. 
She has the experience and passion to find your dream home. 
Audrey & Fabian
Buyer/New York to Boca Raton 2013

I recomend "Alicia Lammersdorf as one of the real professionals in her industry. Besides being totally reliable and honest, Alicia has mastered many of the complicated legal aspects of selling foreclosures and short sales that the majority of agents do not understand. In so doing, she streamlines the bureaucratic process inherent in these sales and avoids endless tie-ups of her clients' funds. This is one great real estate professional."
Fank Reider
Business Owner/Seller/Buyer/Brazil to Boca Raton, FL

As you know, this was not an easy time for me especially since I live in New Jersey.  It is great to know that I was able to hand over to you all of my problems with my home in Florida and in the end you stayed true to your word and closed before the end of the year.  You were amazing and I truly THANK YOU for all of your hard work and professionalism.  I look forward to giving you referrals in the future and working with you in other deals.  Enjoy your New Year's as you are well deserving of an evening of festivities.
Thanks again
NJ/Seller/Delray Beach, FL

Let me start by saying that I meet real estate agents every day in my line of work. I truly mean it when I say that you are one of if not the hardest working real estate agent I know. You deserve a lot of credit. Your E-mails on the weekends, holidays, etc. great tips, home ownership advice, updates on trends, really good. I wish you continued success and will send any referral that I come across your way.
Jason Finch
Manager of Mosaic Continental Group/Miami, FL

"Alicia exhibited tremendous knowledge of the Fort Lauderdale real estate market while always keeping my best interest at heart. She was always enthusiastic, personable and gave freely of her time. I look forward to doing business with her in the future. Sincerely,
Burnie McNutly
Buyer/2008/Ft. Lauderdale

Alicia is a tireless worker I recommended to a friend of mine.
In the time she has represented my friend's properties she has shown herself to be creative, tenacious, cheerful, understanding, patient and a great friend.
She is up to date on all the most recent trends in marketing in and out of the internet.
She is the consummate Real Estate professional.
I would recommend her heartily to all my friends and family.."
Service Category: Real Estate Agent
Year first hired: 2007
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Luis Laboy
Investment Banking/2008/Miami, FL

Alicia is a diligent, creative, proactive and committed agent who will go beyond the expected to find a solution, and then will stay with the project to make it work.
Curt Valmy

“Alicia is the best and most trustworthy Realtor around and she will make sure that she earns your trust, therefore she will do everything possible, to make your move a most pleasant experience”
Barbara Mills

"I have found Alicia Lammersdorf to be a truly experienced and outstanding real estate agent. She knows the real estate market inside and out. Her marketing skills and customer skills make working with her a pleasure."
Susas Difirenza

Alicia is one of the most unique, intelligent, personable, hardworking souls I have ever met. Her passion for life is evident in her success!
Larissa Balko
DuPont Luxury Market Magazine/2008

“You have made me very happy and this is certainly a dream come true!!!
Stacey Richards

“Gracias por todo el esfuerso que pusistes para vender la casa. Te lo agradesco de corazon”
Carlos Blanco

Alicia is a very hard worker, puts her client’s needs and concerns first, she would work very hard to assist you with the sale of your property to get the best deal for you. Well versed on the area and able to provide you with accurate information and set realistic targeted price for you.     
Donna Frazer
VP Suntrust Bank/2004

Alicia is very fair, honest and knowledgeable and puts her clients first. 
Russ Knif


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